2024 Songwriting Workshops

June 6-9, 2024

Our next virtual songwriter workshop is June 6-9 with instructors Eliza Gilkyson, John Gorka, and Don Richmond . We create a safe environment within which to expand your songwriting vocabulary in a very supportive group setting. We have daily discussions, prompts, friendly song critique sessions and evening performances. We have a lot of fun and we work hard with killer results. It has been a real joy to come together online and leave the world behind for a weekend and just spark the flame of creativity with like minded souls. Join us?

We generally work on your songs in the group circle where we provide supportive suggestions and clues. We have found that the group learns more from hearing these in-group discussions than they would from the “talking head” instruction style. These are really One-on-Ones in the company of the group. Writers begin to discern certain cumulative patterns, tips and lessons that emerge from each song presentation in the group.

We give out daily writing assignments that writers can work on in their spare time as well as during the group circle sessions.  We have morning and afternoon sessions, writing periods and a critique-free performance session on Friday and Saturday evening.

We invite students to bring songs they are working on in any stage of the process, from snippets of ideas to full blown pieces, songs where you have gotten stuck or need a bit of direction. We love working with your ”starts” and want to help you with the “finish”.

Most importantly we want you to know that we NEVER make judgments about anyone’s works in progress or “levels” of expertise. We are just grateful to explore creativity with each one of you as it expresses itself uniquely for each writer.

We will have a test run soundcheck session before the workshop to make sure you have mastered the complexities of Zoom audio/video format, and we have Cisco Ryder on hand to meet with you before the test run to go over any specific technical questions you may have.

Registration is $500 per person.

~ Eliza

John Gorka
Don Richmond

For all inquiries, please email Workshops

Register now for the June 2024 Workshop

Claim your spot before space runs out.  We have a limited number of openings for the workshop, so be sure to reserve yours today! Daily discussions from Eliza Gilkyson, John Gorka and Don Richmond, along with feedback on two of your songs over three day is one of the most unique experiences you’ll have virtually.  You’ll also become part of the Casa De Musica family, meeting fellow songwriters not only during the workshop, but as part of the ongoing alumni group.

There are also two performance nights when we all sit back, enjoy the wonderful music, songs of friendship that makes Casa De Musica an inspiring part of your musical journey.

Online Workshop Dates: June 6-9, 2024
(Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon)

Location: Online/Virtual (Zoom)

If you have questions, please contact us at: CasaDeMusicaWorkshop@gmail.com

John Gorka · Don Richmond